The Shy Clock

This is a clock that rests on a rotating disk that had a previous life in a record player, but now – upside down – forms the basis for the clock and its cradle.
This clock spends at least half the time facing the wall – so apparently it’s a bit shy…
When the power is cut off, it can also be used as a sun dial!

Dimensions: slightly larger than an old-fashioned LP

The various recycled materials used:

  • A small, round, wooden tray
  • Some old cabinet pull handles, attached to the tray as little legs
  • The metal disc of a discarded record player (used upside down here), set up as a rotating base for the rest
  • A metal bonbon dish, as a cradle for the clock
  • Some metal bits and pieces support this ‘cradle’.
    The curved supports were part of medical equipment, see the “Anaesthetic lights”; others parts just fill up some holes in the record player disc
  • A clock face that I cut out of a larger clock, together with the (battery driven) clock mechanism and the clockhands
  • Part of a ceiling light fixture, here used in a different way as a sort of lamppost with a spotlight