The Aether Meter

This is the object that started the “Magical Movements” Series.

The main components are three rotating elements with pointers – clock hands – on top.
When these three individual elements turn around (every once in a while), the three clock hands may point to any direction of the compass, but there will be a moment in time when all three are – magically! – pointing in the exact same direction.
That means that ‘Aether’ has been found and at its strongest in that direction – hence the name ‘Aether Meter’.

Dimensions: 28 cm wide, and about the same height and depth.

The various recycled materials used:

  • Two wooden trays, attached in such a way that they resemble a box with an open lid
  • Two black disk supports from a hard disk, used as hinges.
  • Some metal bits and pieces, to attach some light sources to the open lid.
  • Part of an old ‘3 CD player’ under the cover, providing the various rotations.
  • A cooling element from a PC, with a hard disk motor and a bicycle gear wheel on top as the largest rotating element .
  • The ‘head drum’ of an old video tape recorder, taken apart and put back together in a different order, as the base for the medium sized rotating element.
  • Various bits of scrap metal for the slim rotator with the longest clock hand.
  • Clock hands from old clocks, indicating the directions that the various elements are pointing
  • Some scraps – wood and cloth – to hide the electronics controlling the timing of the movements and lighting events.