The “Strobo Clocks”

By chance I came across some perforated aluminium plates, bent into a form that enables them to stand solidly on a flat surface. I have no idea what their original use may have been, but they struck me as an ideal base for some clock-like “artifacts”.

The resulting ‘Strobo Clocks’ are a combination of two parts: on one side a working clock, and on the other side a ‘dynamic’ construct that involves rotation and lights, in a manner that is slightly stroboscopic.

Dimensions: about 17 to 20 cm in height

The various recycled materials used:

  • Perforated aluminium plates, bent in the middle, form the base
  • An old ‘rasping disc’ from a food processor and a metal cup-shaped part from a citrus press became the rotating elements
  • “Head drums” that I harvest from old VCRs serve as low-friction axles and drive wheels for the rotation of the “strobo discs”

  • Some (parts of) black plastic covers of other electronic devices I sized to fit, in order to hide the engine and the electronics that control the timing of the rotation and the lighting events.