Sliding clock

This creation is a larger and more “industrial” looking construct.
It does not hang on a wall, but rests on a solid pedestal made of aluminium tubes.

There’s a working clock, but in this case it is not in a static position. It moves from left to right and back again, every once in a while.
There’s a disk with some decorative parts, that rotates somewhat, sometimes.
Another element that looks a bit like a lamp post slides up and down a central pole, and produces some orange light when it is up or going up.
Two little spotlights illuminate either the clock and/or the rotating disk when these are active.

Dimensions (WxLxH): 60x40x60 cm

The various recycled materials used:

  • An old wooden box, probably meant as a sort of blackboard for grocery lists, with little compartments for pens and things like that
  • A black iron clock face, that has a battery driven clockwork behind the central plate
  • What was once part of a cast metal candle holder now serves as a rotating disc. Some additional metal bits and pieces accentuate the rotation
  • The scanner bed of a discarded HP printer/scanner slides the iron clock face from left to right
  • A dish that was part of a ‘bonbon’ set serves here as the head of a ‘lamp post’
  • A perforated metal plate covers the various engines and electronics running the show
  • The two little spotlights were constructed from various aluminium and plastic bits and pieces
  • The pedestal was made using a discarded set of construction materials, consisting of different aluminium tubes, corner pieces and other bits. The set was meant to assemble frames for electronic equipment, like PCs.