Rotating clock

This was the first of the DiscArted Objects’, and it represents exactly what I started out to achieve: use trash to create something new that in its own way has a certain value to those that can appreciate it.

What appears to be a clock with one clock hand sometimes turns around its own axis, in either direction.
The clock hand loops around, backwards and forwards in time.
A metal ruler sometimes slides out or back in.

Triggered by these movements, a spotlight will light up the clock, or some yellowish light will illuminate the ruler when it slides out. Apart from that, other light sources sometimes provide background lighting behind the clock.

Dimensions ( WxHxD): 68x53x18 cm

The various recycled materials used:

  • An old and stained wooden serving tray
  • A metal clock face that has seen better times, with one clock hand
  • A metal ruler, that slides in an out of the tray
  • A laptop light, focused on the clock, that only lights up when the clock or the clock hand rotates
  • A perforated, somewhat rusty metal plate covering the various engines and electronics running the show
  • A laptop cooling elemen, attached in a decorative manner, to balance out the various elements across the serving tray