Red Copper Clock

This object is intended to be hanging on a wall.

Apart from the clock (which works normally) you can see a number of red copper parts: almost all of these are cooling elements that I have harvested from old PCs and laptops.

There is a central light source that is constantly on.

Sometimes you see a square cooling element sliding back and forth, over a horizontal track of black iron bars. When that happens, some other light sources are also switched on temporarily.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 33x43x13 cm

The various materials used:

  • An old wooden serving tray
  • An old copper clock face
  • Some black clock hands (from another clock)
  • A number of red copper cooling elements harvested from PCs and laptops
  • A transparent column from a camping lamp, filled with a strings of LED lights
  • The tray from an old DVD player, here used to slide one of the cooling elements to the left or the right