The “Anaesthetic Lights” series

One day, in a container of discarded things, I discovered the materials that inspired me to create these “lamps”. A machine – the kind of medical machine that is used during operations to control the gasses for general anesthesia – had been disassembled and its various components thrown away.
The materials that these machines are made of are of a very high quality, and that made me think that some of the metal parts – reassembled in a different way – could be used as the base for a nice looking light fixture.

So, in a way, what was once a source of life, has now become a source of light…

Dimensions: about 25 to 30 cm high.

The various recycled materials used:

  • High quality aluminium and steel components from a discarded anaesthetics machine, providing the main structure of the lamps
  • Old metal discs with holes in them; one of those was once part of a kitchen machine, of the origins of the other I have no idea…
  • Old metal ‘bonbon’ dishes to provide a sort of ‘cupola’ on top, to function as a light reflector
  • Black plastic halves of an old fan cover to contain – and hide – the wiring for the light sources