DiscArted Objects


Trash turned into Treasure:
Discarded materials given a second life as Dynamic Art Objects

Creating “Dynamic Art” is not something that seemed to be on my path a few years ago, it just sort of happened… I have enjoyed a long career in the IT world, but now, retired, I have found a new way to express my creative urges, whilst making use of my IT background at the same time. This “DiscArted Objects” website shows some of the creations that are a result of this new occupation.


An important additional factor for all of them is UPCYCLING: most of the materials I use for my creations are discarded items that have been thrown away or given away.
An important source of material is therefore the supply of thrift stores in the area; some let me rummage through their containers of unsellable items.
Useful things are also donated by people who know what I do.


The majority are “dynamic” objects, because electronic components have been added, programmed to make the resulting construct capable of producing movements and light, and able to respond to signals from its environment.

The idea is that these activities only occur rarely, after random periods of time, which makes the combined behaviour quite unpredictable.

This website shows a number of distinct categories:


Clocks are what started me on my path to these DiscArted Objects, there’s a number of different forms and styles.
Read more here…

Magical Movements

Constructs that share a sense of mystery, a sort of behaviour that seems to indicate a specific but unclear and undisclosed purpose… Read more here..


Various components I found seemed to be perfect to form the bases of lamp-like structures. In some cases, that meant they went from “sources of life” to “sources of light” 😉 Read more here…

Art Disk – magnet structures

Hard disk magnets combined into three-dimensional structures that resemble objects or creatures in the real or imaginary world… Read more here…