When, a couple of years ago, I gradually began to work less (as a freelance ITC specialist), and was thinking about retiring, at some point I got involved in the world of robotics, and that is what got me started on the path that eventually resulted in the creation of the ‘DiscArted Objects’ that this website is focused on.

I became fascinated with the possibilities of some small electronic components, that enable people like myself to create little systems capable of interacting with their environment. Robotics, in other words.

I played around with this, and it seemed to me the perfect way to keep using my IT background in a totally different way, a way that would allow me to be creative without all the complications that are caused by working for a client, or an employer. The life of an artist, really 😉

The recycling of discarded materials was an additional challenge.
Using ready made or new components would make my life easier sometimes, I suppose, but I can assure you that it is a lot of fun – at least for someone like me – to try and see the possibilities of something that has been cast away, to try and imagine how it could be part of some construct that I’m working on – or how it might be the start of a something complete new…

I hope you enjoy looking at my creations, let me know what you think!

Jos van der Wielen
Mei 2021